I started creating websites at the age of 12 (1997).  I don't know why the thought of creating a home on the web was so intriguing to me.  I guess it was my first taste at creating "art"​ in a way that, at the time - not many people knew about.  My love for creating things on the internet grew to photo shopping and to eventually video editing.  I was always thirsty at learning new things - especially in the commercially available Adobe product line.


My love of video games and horror movies really launched my hunger for a career in Community Management as well.  In Late 2017 I was asked by the CEO of iLLFONIC Games (Creator of Friday the 13th: The Game) to be a temporary community leader due to my love of passion for the franchise and always being the one to help others with their questions.  This turned into a full goal to make a career out of it.  I enrolled in Full Sail University in 2018 to get a bachelors degree in Media Communications.  Ever since then it has been my goal to land another job in the video game industry.

Joe Palladino (Ripped Studios; Far Right) with the staff of GUN Media, Game Testers, Friday the 13th Director Sean Cunningham, Composer Harry Manfrendini and Friday the 13th Actor Kane Hodder, Gun Media producers Ronnie Hobbs and Randy Greenback (2018)

Joe Palladino, Friday the 13th actor Kane Hodder, Brother Sal Palladino (2019)

Joe Palladino with SAW Actor Tobin Bell (2007) at Monster Mania Horror Convention 

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