• Joe Palladino

The importance of social media in gaming. How social media can help you.

It is very important these days to associate not only your gaming company on social media, but also the importance of creating separate and accessible social media platforms to each individual game being programmed within the studio.

Keeping individual social media accounts for each product helps organize your communities where fans can talk among themselves - such as Twitter and Discord most importantly which are the most active of all social platforms for gaming. It is also a convenient and more common place for customers to voice concerns, problems or even questions they might have for your product. Your social media manager who maintains these pages are the once who are the face of your company. They are the ones that discuss each topic along with their consumers to assure them that your studio is listening to their feedback on the on going development of your products. Feedback that is given by consumers should be combed through by the social media manager and reported to the proper department of the studio if changes need to be made and in what direction to take the product.

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